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Hospice care is palliative treatment for pets who have been diagnosed with a terminal disease whose owners have chosen to discontinue aggressive medical treatments and instead are focusing on providing comfort care in their home setting in order to help their pets live comfortably and with dignity for as long as possible.  


Our hospice services involve an initial consultation to evaluate the pet in his or her home setting in order to devise an individualized treatment plan.  We will make specific recommendations for techniques and equipment to help facilitate comfort and mobility for each patient, addressing pain management, anxiety, nutritional and hydration support, as well as general nursing care.  Follow up appointments can be scheduled as needed to monitor progression and response, allowing us to customize care as needed to optimize your pet’s ability to live a good life.

Common conditions addressed in home hospice care include cancers of all kinds, end stage kidney disease, and mobility impairment such as severe joint, muscular or neurologic disease. Each case is individual, and we take great care to provide what you and your pet need to optimize quality of life for as long as possible.  

Is my Pet a Candidate for Hospice Care? 

Most of our hospice patients are pets who have been diagnosed with a terminal disease by their primary veterinarian or a veterinary specialist.  Their owners have opted not to pursue or to discontinue aggressive treatment and diagnostics, opting instead for palliative and comfort care.  The goal of our service is to help maintain adequate quality of life for as long as possible, and to help guide pet parents along the difficult path of knowing when the time has come to consider saying goodbye to their beloved pet.  

Please feel free to contact us to discuss if your pet is a candidate to enter into hospice care.  

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