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We Remember Your Pets

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Gentle, compassionate, respectful and professional. When the time comes to say our final goodbyes to our pets, may they always be at home.



Today our beloved Fluffy passed away peacefully and lovingly in our home. I am so thankful to Claudia for coming, to our home, and sharing this time with us. Her soft voice and gentleness made this a dignified passing, for which we are so grateful. Fluffy with us for 16 years and will be missed everyday for the rest of our lives. Thank you all at The Good Life for your service.



Many Thanks!

We were careful in selecting a service and you surpassed our expectations. Though we and Lacey (our pooch) were ready, Dr David made everything much easier and is a pro at comforting all parties with his demeanor and knowledge.

Pet owners all experience that hole from losing a family member, ours is a little smaller due to our decision to partner with The Good Life.



Dr Dave was so incredibly thoughtful and made this difficult process more peaceful and comfortable for us. He gave us the time and space to process and handle this sadness with respect and dignity. Thank you so much.

I just wanted to say that the service we received for our older cat was kind, thoughtful, and sincere. Please let the vet know that we really appreciated her sympathy. 

Dr. Claudia was was wonderful. Kitty stayed on my lap and Dr Claudia was extremely gentle.  The experience was as good as it could be. 



Though our pet ended up passing before the appointment, the appointment process was good and when I cancelled they were so polite and let me know they were sorry for our loss. I recommend them.



I want to thank The Good Life, and Dr David for making this transition for Eva and I so peaceful. I knew my girls' time was coming, but it is never easy to make that decision and follow through. When he arrived she barked at him once, then fell in love as he bonded with her, and made her feel so comfortable that we both were able to relax. He showed nothing but respect for Eva, and I, and the situation. This was the first time that I had someone come to my home to euthanize a pet. This company made it a peaceful experience, and I am grateful for that. They followed up with a phone call the next day, as well as a sympathy card, so it never felt like they just consider this a job to get through and move on. Thank you The Good Life, and Dr David!



Today was one of the hardest days my family has experienced as we helped our girl cross the Rainbow Bridge. As dreadful as the days leading to today were, the process was anything but thanks to Dr. David. We decided to have our 3 oldest children present (ages 9, 13, & 14) and he was so kind and gracious with them - as he was with my husband, myself, and our Lucy. From beginning to end he treated the whole encounter with a level of compassion I will forever be grateful for. Although we were a mess, he made sure that the last moments spent with our girl were full of comfort and peace. Watching her pass so peacefully and knowing she was surrounded by the love of her family in the comfort of her own home, on her favorite bed, gave us a sense of calmness that I’ll never be able to explain. Thank you, Dr. David and The Good Life For Pets, for making one of the most difficult times of our life into something we will cherish until we meet Lucy again.



On Friday December 3rd, I contacted you and spoke with one of your representatives Leah about my 17 year-old kitty Kosmo who had end stage renal disease. I was tormented with having the make the worst decision of my life, to euthanize him before he suffered more than he was already starting to. Leah was compassionate and so helpful in providing information about your services. I decided to wait the weekend to see how Kosmo was doing. By Sunday morning, it was obvious that things were only getting worse so I called again and received a call back within one hour. I was able to get a same day appointment with Dr. David. He came to my home and I must say - I've been through this before - and he was the most patient, kind, gentle, informative, compassionate vet I have ever encountered. Because of him, I was able to let go of my boy with grace and dignity. I can't say enough good things about him or your company. A few days later, I received a call from a kind representative from The Good Life for Pets, and then I received a sympathy card from Dr. David in the mail. Wow. I just want you to know how incredibly thoughtful and beautiful it is that you do that. Your organization and Dr. David are stellar. I tell everyone I know who has pets about you. All I can say is thank you. Thank you for what you do, the service you provide. Dr. David is exceptional. I will give your information to everyone I know and highly recommend your services.

19-1/2 Year Old Kitty


I used your services in April 2022 to say goodbye to one family feline member, and a few months later, her sister, the lone survivor of her litter, who lived to 19.5 years old. Thank you for providing such a beautiful service. Having been through this once already this year, I already knew we would be in good hands.



I have been meaning to thank you again for assisting in my cat's, Bobbie, end of life a few weeks ago. Your care and kindness in easing this 20 plus year old friend is appreciated.



Dr. Claudia was kind, compassionate and empathetic to our beloved Bea and our whole family. We appreciate the warmth and understanding she showed us all on the darkest of days. Highly recommend for this most painful of life events.



Thank you so much for gently resting our precious Tom last Wednesday. He was my sweet boy and you were so kind to him and us as well. Even though he was so sick he got to be our official greeter and investigator one last time. We appreciate what you did for him so very, very much. I don’t know how you do what you do day after day, but please know we will be forever grateful that you do. Thank you.



Thank you for the calming and professional service that Dr. Maia provided us on 11/22/22 when we said goodbye to Ruthie my German Shepherd. Dr. Maia helped us through this difficult time with her gentleness and loving care of Ruthie. We didn't know what to expect but your service put us at ease. After this sweet service, we will use you in the future. Thank you and Dr. Maia.



I just need to say how much I appreciate the care that Dr. David gave to us the day that Bailey passed over the rainbow bridge. I had no idea what to expect but was told about how great Dr. David was by my aunt who referred The Good Life when the time came.

The situation, as you all know, is not an easy one. And with the emotions that come from the pet owners I can only imagine how that can impact all of you at The Good Life while performing your job. I just want to say a huge thank you to Dr. David. I could not imagine anyone caring more about our beloved Bailey and showing the compassion as he did for our situation while I was sobbing with snot running down my face. He had the kindest words and reassurances to say to us throughout the whole process that gave me even the tiniest bit of comfort, which felt huge for the decision that had to be made. I truly meant it when I gave him the biggest hug and called him an angel. I couldn't imagine the scenario going any other way. 

So thank you Dr. David. I appreciate you and every Dr at The Good Life for caring so much about our fur babies when the time comes for them to run free for eternity. <3



I wanted to let you know that today's experience with Dave was far beyond better than I could have ever imagined. The 'service' for Peanut was so beautiful. I am so thankful to have found your wonderful company!!!! Not sure where to give a glowing review but I wanted you to know at peace I feel. With all the thanks in dog heaven, Angie and Peanut!!



Today we said good bye to our dear pup Nutella. So grateful for the 11 years of companionship and unconditionally love. may heaven be filled with lots of snow and plenty of trails to explore. We will miss you 😢 so very much. Thank you for your kindness and help during a tough time. – Virginia Everard

Hana and Vallie


I just wanted to thank you and pass on how grateful I am for Dr. Dave and helping us give my girls a peaceful passing. He was very warm and compassionate, very empathetic to the circumstances we were in with my 2 older girls. They each had their own ailments, Hana with neuropathy from diabetes she had been battling since 2019. And my Vallie girl, that had developed seizures, more than likely due to some sort of brain tumor. I had Vallie for 15-16 years, she was my rescue, and my Hana was my emotional support dog, she was just about to turn 13 on September 13th. As hard of a decision as it was, it was part of my commitment to them, and part of my love for them. Then to have them go together, it just seemed like the right thing.  Together in paradise… They were my support for so long it was the least I could do for them in return. Thank you for offering this service. Thank you for giving me the option of giving them some comfort, and no fear of having to go somewhere scary, or having a traumatic event before their end. I will never be able to thank you enough. – Krystal Kriedeman 

Couldn't Ask for Better


Today we had to put our family pet asleep and it was handled so beautifully! They came to our home and was so sensitive to our need! It was hard but couldn't ask for a better help! – Judy Gorley

Friend of 17 Years


Thank you for your care and sensitivity as we said goodbye to my furry friend of 17 years. I will use your service again when the time comes. – Alice Bertha 

Today was very hard, but Dr. Maia was wonderful and I appreciate her kindness.  Thank you. - Erica C. 



We had an angel named Dr. Claudia come and help our girl Tia cross rainbow bridge yesterday. She really was an angel and she drives a Subaru. When our girl saw her she laid right down and the overwhelming feeling that she was ready. Dr Claudia was amazing and truly an angel. We cannot thank you enough for this service. While difficult to let our baby go, what a smooth experience. Thoughtful, respectful and professional. Tia could not have had a more peaceful release from the cancer that was taking over. I cannot say thank you enough. –  Joey Mechem



Dr. David was so great with my family on the worst day. Explained to us how it was how it was going work. The very thing was he made her feel comfortable with him and he wanted to know about her life. I could have never asked for a more compassionate person to help us through this. Thanks again Dr. David. – Darren D.



Dr. Lisa is, for want of a better word, an angel. She was so patient and accommodating and gentle in helping our baby girl Luna end her pain. – Bill P.

Our Beloved Dog


Dr Lisa was so compassionate. Her gentle demeanor and clear love for animals made helping our beloved dog pass away peacefully a little easier. We have three cats, and I hope to have them many more years, but when their time comes, we will use the Good Life for Pets again. Thank you so much Dr Lisa 💔❤️  – Kyra S.



I'd like to thank Dr Lisa for coming out and helping my sweet girl Brei across the Rainbow Bridge. Dr Lisa was very kind and compassionate, she made a very difficult situation a little easier for me. Definitely 5 star service from the first phone call. – Kristin Swan L. C.



Dr. Claudia was beyond amazing, she helped us say goodbye to our big boy Darwin today. We cannot thank you enough for your amazing service in coming to our humble home, being able to lay on the floor with them while they take their last breath is everything. – Sara Fitzhugh



This is the most compassionate group of people I could have ever imagined. From the first phone call with Kevin to the last goodbye with Dr. Claudia, their commitment to a positive peaceful ending of our dear pet’s life was all that seemed to matter. Thank you so much for taking the time we needed, walking us through the steps and showing such respect to our sweet Bailey. Forever grateful. – Glenda LeGrand Sandstrom



In the saddest most vulnerable time in a pet parent’s life, saying goodbye to a beloved part of your family is tough and stressful. When we knew it was time to let our sweet Diesel go, we really wanted it to be in our home. From the first phone call to the final day, the staff was amazing! In walked Dr. David Goetz and my prayers were answered. Dr. David was so gentle, compassionate and caring. He explained everything to us step by step, gave us as much time as we needed with our dog, and almost loved him as his own. He really understands the difficulty in saying good bye and made the experience the best it could be. Thank you Dr. David, you will always have a special place in our hearts for helping us with this journey. – Holly Freitas



Dr. Lisa was so compassionate and explained what was going to happen. I was able to hold Sugar until she passed and had some time with her. The vet then went to her car and got the most beautiful blanket lined with a big blanket and gently put Sugar in it. She covered her up to her chest in the most sweet little soft blanket and carried her out. A little while later the vet came back with her paw print in clay (with directions and I will bake it later). She also gave us a painted rock with Sugar's name on it and some paper work for dealing with grief. The vet made Sugar's passing so beautiful and peaceful. I highly recommend The Good Life for Pets, so awesome👏👏👏💖💖💖 – Jo Grace

Sweet Bo


I can not thank Dr David enough for his services. When faced with a painfully difficult decision he was able to provide us with the most loving and compassionate care possible. Our sweet Bo passed away in loving arms and in the comfort of his own backyard without a worry in the world. Again, I can’t thank Dr David enough. – Brittany Nielsen-Sizemore



RIP Maddie girl you are so missed!!! I highly recommend The Good Life for Pets if you ever need to put your pup down, the experience was very comforting and less painful than any before, thank you guys! – Chace Miller

As Much Time as Needed


Good Life was EXTREMELY professional all the way from Kevin who helped schedule out appointment all the way to Doctor David who came to our house. Was so incredibly compassionate and educating. Made the process as smoothly as possible and gave my wife and I as much time as we needed. Could not recommend this company enough. Thank you again. – Travis and Kelly



Dr. David was so kind! I highly recommend this company and Dr. David. He explained everything to us in detail and shows so much love to us and our sweet Girl Bella! – Lang Melby



We recently had to say goodbye to our sweet Daisy, our 14 year old Great Dane. Yes, 14. Because of her size and illness we knew it would put more stress than needed on her to move her. The Good Life for Pets was suggested to us and I am so thankful for it. From the convenience of their website, to the quickness in the returned phone call. They were so caring and patient. The Vet Lisa was absolutely amazing and so kind hearted, she helped us feel comfortable and at ease with helping Daisy run over the rainbow bridge. It was so nice to be able to be at home and allow our other pups to say goodbye to their long time friend and let us feel she was safe with us. Lisa was so patient with our other pups coming to her making sure their friend was okay. RIP Sweet Daisy, run free. ❤ Thank you The Good Life for Pets for making such a difficult time feel less stressful for all involved. – Karrie Craig

Knew He Was At Peace


We recently had to put our old boy down. I wanted so much for him to be at peace when it happened and decided to use the services of The Good Life. Lisa showed up to my house and was so comforting right from the beginning. She made friends with him and gave him lots of treats. She walked us through the process and waited till we were ready to say goodbye. I was able to love on him and talk to him until his last breath. And when it was time to take him, Lisa laid him comfortably in a basket and covered him with a blanket. I knew he was at peace and this being my last vision of him to hold on to was really comforting to me. Lisa treated us with so much compassion and you can tell she genuinely loves animals. Highly recommend if you find yourself in the same situation as we were. Definitely made a tough decision a little easier. ❤️❤️❤️ – Jo-el Odell

Little Desi


We want to Thank The Good Life for Pets Organization. Especially Lisa who helped us Yesterday June 16th. Robert and I so appreciate the Compassionate Care for our Little Desi. He was So Loved and Will be Missed. 🙏🏻🙏🏻❤️❤️ – Robert and Julie



Thank you Dr Claudia for taking such good care of our Zoey girl. We miss her very much but we are so grateful that you were able to help her cross the Rainbow Bridge peacefully.  Chellie Weaver

Under Our Apple Tree


We had to make a very hard decision to put my 13 year old German Shepherd to sleep. She had a large tumor and couldn't walk any longer. We knew it had to be done. We didn't want to stress her out by having to take to a facility. The good life arranged for an amazing and compassionate Dr to come to our house. We were able to sit under our apple tree and say our good byes. It was not easy but they definitely do everything they can to make it peaceful and low stress. They have since called to check on me and sent a very nice card to us. Thank you Dr Lisa and all of the wonderful souls at The Good Life! – Jena Hintergardt



Dr. David was at out house yesterday to help,us say goodbye to our Nigel. I will never be able to thank him and your company enough. Our 13 year old granddaughter held him the whole time, singing to him. Dr. David talked to her, making her so comfortable with what was going on. This will be the only company I recommend to all my friends and family. – Earlene Smith

So Supportive and Caring


Doctor David explained exactly what he would do and how it would affect my kitty. He was so gentle and compassionate. He didn’t rush or hurry. He made sure I was ok before leaving. When making the hardest decision of life he was so supportive and caring. He doesn’t have an easy job but he does a very good job. Thank you. – Tohni Rainwater

Peacefully with Love

My beloved doggie of 17 years was struggling to make her way over the Rainbow Bridge. These good people helped her pass peacefully with love, lightness and compassion. I am very grateful. Very very grateful. – Amber Moody

Goodbye in the Sunshine


Dr. Goetz was so kind and caring through the process. He moved at a pace I was comfortable with and did a great job of explaining every part of the process. We were able to say goodbye in the sunshine and in a way that was most comfortable for me and my cat. Though this process is horrible to go through I'm so grateful for this service and am so thankful that I chose this for my beloved pet. – Othel Rife

Sweet Beautiful Punkin

Making the decision to put our sweet and beautiful Punkin down was the hardest decision we’ve ever had to make and we are so very grateful Dr. David helped her to pass on peacefully in our home where she was most comfortable surrounded by her family laying in her favorite place by the fire. We can’t thank you enough for talking to us to get to know Punkin, for explaining each step along the way and for the comfort you provided. She wasn’t just a pet, but a special little soul, one of our family and she loved us as much as we loved her and we can never thank you enough for helping her to cross into heaven peacefully. Thank you for the sweet memorial rock with her name on it 💕 – Jacqueline Yaeggy


We had an extremely hard decision to make... We had to lay 2 of our 3 fur babies down. It was NOT easy at all, we are still heartbroken and I know it will take a good amount of time to heal. When we knew we had to lay them to rest so they wouldn't suffer anymore we wanted to do it at home and make it as comfortable as we could for them. I came across The Good Life for Pets and my intuition said go with them. We are so happy we did! They are extremely great to communicate with and they made the process as easy as it could be. Even after our babies went off to heaven they reached out over the phone and sent a card in the mail. We chose to have them cremated so we will be getting a wood box with their name on it and their paw print on a piece of paper to frame. ❤️🐾 I cannot wait to pick those up. Thank you The Good Life for Pets for everything. All of you are fantastic 🤗 – Gina Marie

Chevy Girl

Dr. Lisa came today to help my Chevy girl onto her next journey. She was patient and kind with all 5 of my kids, my dog who does not like strangers, and was immensely compassionate and loving. I am so grateful I had heard all the good things about The Good Life and that I chose them to lay our old girl to rest. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Dr. Lisa. Our family is forever grateful. – Haley Ness

Eternally Grateful

Thank you for everything. The swift response time, the personal care, the kindness and calm and grace...the call, the card, the memorial rock. We are eternally grateful. – Lauren Angelo


I want to say how thankful I am for the kindness that was shown to our dog, Superman and our family when we had to say goodbye to him. The compassion was overwhelming and you helped make a very difficult time one that we can look back on being very peaceful. Thank you. – Cinda Mann Baldwin

Comforting Soul

My girl required The Good Life's service today and I couldn't be more satisfied. Dr. David was a gentle and comforting soul for both my dog and me. Thank you for helping me make my girl's transition a calm and peaceful one 🙏 – Scarlet McCarthy


I had my Batty (Batty Boombalatty or Battus Maximus) for 13 incredibly short years. These folks came to my home where I was an obvious wreck and could not have been kinder. My god, i can only wish for such compassion when it is my turn someday. I cannot find words kind enough ti express my deep thanks. i cannot find the words to express the absolute respect and dignity which was given to Batty. I got to sing him his song. The song i made for him and had sung to him for more than a decade as he fell peacefully and painlessly to sleep one more time. Thank you. From my soul thank you. – Char Skiddleybop

Sadie Girl

Dr. Lisa was AMAZING! We were absolutely devastated cancer ended up taking our Sadie girl from us. When the day came to help our girl cross the rainbow bridge, Dr. Lisa came to our home. She was so sweet! She took the time to introduce herself to both Sadie and our other dog Gunny. I'll never forget Sadie actually got enough strength to get up to greet her with a wagging tail :). Dr. Lisa did amazing with talking us through everything and was so very patient with us. Not ONCE did we feel rushed through the process. Our dogs are our kids so we were a complete MESS! As hard as it was to say goodbye, it was one of the most peaceful experiences, especially for our girl. Dr. Lisa placed some of Sadie's hair in a small bag and also gave us a beautiful painted rock with Sadie's name on it. It was extremely heartwarming. We chose to have Sadie cremated, it was very sweet they personally delivered her back home to us in a beautiful wooden urn with her name engraved on it. They also provided a ink print of her paw and nose. I would recommend The Good Life for Pets 100 percent! It's been a year since our baby has been gone and I just received a hand written card in the mail from Dr. Lisa for the anniversary of our loss and in the memory of Sadie. I cried my eyes out! So compassionate! They really go the extra mile! Really warms our heart. I can't thank them enough for everything they've done. We have a special place in our hearts for them, especially Dr. Lisa! She is wonderful! – Chantel Marie

My Cat Felt Safe and Loved

Dr. David and staff were amazing. He was compassionate, patient and so sweet to our fur baby. Dr. David came by our house after hours and even made our kitty a memorial rock. We didn’t feel rushed during the process or afterwards when we were grieving. He had a caring disposition that made a heartbreaking moment more comfortable. Absolutely would recommend to anyone who is considering euthanasia for their pet. Having this done at home, where my cat felt safe and loved, was such a gift. – Taylor Wolden


I would like to personally thank Dr. Lisa for helping my parents, brother and myself through one of the most difficult times in our lives. Rue was a very special girl to our family and saying goodbye to her was so painful. The entire process was seamless and Rue went peacefully. I am at peace knowing she is now at peace. Thank you for your compassion toward my family and your gentle way with Rue. She lives forever in our hearts and memory. Thank you again, – The Stevenson Family.

A Very Long Time

Thank you for your kindness, your promptness and your professionalism. Still very hard to write this as my two oldest cats have been such a part of my life for a very long time (12 and 18). I am so grateful and will use your services in the future when my other pets have reached the end of their earthly paths.

Your wonderful folder that was left with resources in how to talk to your children (not needed in this instance), books to help and support groups was an added bonus. Thank you again tall, kind, bearded vet whose name I cannot recall. I will recommend you to others. – Sunny Brook


Just wanted to say thank you! Having the opportunity to have my Angel kitty pass at home was a blessing! I appreciate your caring, calming way of talking me through this most difficult decision. – Brenda MacRae


We want to say to Lisa-Thank you for helping us today with Zack! I feel so fortunate to be able to make this difficult life experience with the love and compassion of your service. You are awesome! – Rhonda Thrasher


Dr. Claudia was at our home in Port Orchard earlier today to help us say goodbye to our cat of 16+ years, Andy. Her care and compassion made this difficult decision easier. Everyone we connected with from the beginning at The Good Life for Pets was helpful, supportive and understanding. Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts. – Carl and Bobbette Olson

Love, Lightness and Compassion

My beloved doggie of 17 years was struggling to make her way over the Rainbow Bridge. These good people helped her pass peacefully with love, lightness and compassion. I am very grateful. Very very grateful. – Amber Moody



On the morning of Sep 8, I had to make the call, not knowing what to expect and feeling numb, my family understood it was time and our Butch of almost 14 years was ready to fly. I spoke with Sarah, who was so caring and thoughtful, she made me feel comfortable with what was to happen this afternoon. 

We all could see Butch was going in peace, as his entire family stayed by his side and so he left us just before Dr. David arrived. Butchie always had his own agenda, and had such love and patience for all of us, we felt like our heart was ripped out of our chests. 

Once Dr. David arrived, we told him Butch had passed, and he was so calm and kind to us. He enjoyed our stories of our sweet boy, and gave us all the time we needed. I am so grateful. Thank you Dr. David for your kindness and beautiful card we received. We all had tears of joy truly from that, and looking back, it was a better day because of The Good Life for Pets. I would highly recommend them and Dr. David:) Thank you all so much and God Bless🐾 – Sue Dailly


Hi Dr. Claudia, I want to thank you once again for helping us with the passing of one of our angels. Just as before, you were available when we and Rosa needed you. The peacefulness of her passing does help with one of life's hardest decisions. We have lost many pets as we tend to rescue older pets and I have experienced way too many of them leaving us.. You truly made this event easier to handle with your obvious compassion and caring ways. You also helped our Kiera pass, sadly from the same cancer as Rosa and the experience was again handled with dignity and great care. I highly recommend using this home service if at all possible. – Warmly, Tim, Susan, Doshka & Noble



We can't say enough about the kindness and thoughtfulness Dr. Hite showed to us and our special kitty, Daisy. She was prompt in returning correspondences with us. We so appreciated her respectful attention to every step of the grieving process. Her sweet, calm demeanor meant so much to us during this difficult time.  – Joann M. & Wally C. 



Dr Claudia Hite was at our home yesterday helping us to say goodbye to our dog of 14 years, Roxanne. She did the most beautiful and perfect job in helping us to be present and also helping us to begin to grieve. I can not say enough wonderful things about this service. Everything went so smoothly. Everything was explained in great detail. – Jo C. 

I just wanted to express the BIG thanks to The Good Life and most of all to Dr. Hite. I contacted her 3 days before our decision to put our dear Lab down. He had been battling an ear infection his entire life which it seemed but this time I believe there were several underlying issues going on with him to decide to finally keep him from suffering. 15 years, 5 months and 1 week old until he finally could not get up on his own nor control his body. When Dr. Hite arrived after speaking on the phone with her 3 days prior she gave him a thorough exam and she explained his quality of life was not good and he would pass soon on his own if we did not do it now. I could not see him suffer any longer so I opted for the Euthanasia.



Thank you for your help with Rizzo. This has been a very tough time, but I really appreciated your services. – Adam S. 


We wanted to thank Claudia for the kindness and compassion in helping us care for our 25yr old cat, Misu. It is one of the hardest decisions you will ever make for your child, and reaching out to someone new, during this time is not easy. Claudia is so warm, and genuine, she helped to make it a peaceful as can be. She is an angel, helping the innocent have dignity. We cant say enough good about her. Thank you for your help in our time of need. – Nathan & Nina


Thank you Dr Lisa Roth for your compassion, your love, your gentleness in helping us say good bye to our most loved kitty Jack. We are so grateful for you coming with such short notice. You made such a painful time easier. Words can't express how much this all meant. Our handpainted, beautiful heart rock is something we can hold onto as we grieve our boy Jack. – Patti & Joe F.


We are so thankful for Dr. Claudia’s presence, when we had to say goodbye, to our sweet Bunia. After learning about Bunia’s cancer, we had only two months with her, so her departure was specially shocking and heart breaking for us. Our little girl, after battling fast spreading cancer, passed peacefully at home. Dr. Claudia, we are grateful for your kindness and gentleness while going through the process. You are a Blessing. – Katarina & Joe H. 


Dr Lisa was amazing in her care of my dog Violet. She was very caring and gentle with her and explained everything to me before she put Violet to rest. I would highly recommend her to my friends. – Mary P.


Dr Lisa, we wanted to thank you for your kindness and patience with us while saying our goodbyes to T.J. It was such a hard time for us but you helped make it as comforting as possible.  Also, Thank you for the painted rock!!  That was so unexpected and makes it feel so personal instead of clinical.  We couldn’t believe that you would actually come deliver T.J.’s urn to us ~ that is above & beyond.  The urn is beautiful and the rose was a very kind touch.  Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts. – Jayne & Allen Martinez

Beautiful Faith

I got Faith when she was 2 lbs. 6 oz. and for the following 16 years I could not have asked for a better dog. I miss her every day. I am so happy I chose The Good Life when it was finally her time to go. The doctor was fantastic,s kind and compassionate. I could truly see she cares. Thank you so much. You were the best part of a very difficult time. – The Gossett family


Sending Schatzi across the rainbow bridge was one of the hardest decisions that I have ever had to make. For 19 years she was my baby. Dr. Lisa was so kind and wonderful. She explained every part of the process and she showed us so much compassion and understanding in such a difficult time. The whole process was loving and peaceful. I am so thankful to have been there for my girl until the very end and I am grateful for the kindness that Dr. Lisa showed our family. I highly recommend The Good Life. – Kristine Zelazny


Message: We had to have our beloved dog and family member, Kobi, put to sleep yesterday.  (12 years with her just wasn't enough.)  Dr. Denise is who came out to our house and, honestly, we couldn't have picked anyone more perfect to be the one to help our Kobi cross the rainbow bridge.  She had such a quiet, kind, loving bedside manner.  We are forever grateful to her. – Honna and Jamie Garza

Smokey the Cat

Thank you SO MUCH to Susan and Dr. Lisa for your kind, compassionate, caring service. I am so glad Smokey got to spend his last moments in the comfort of his own home.  We spent 17 years together, and I'm happy I was able to give him that one last gift.  Dr. Lisa was amazing, and I'm so grateful to her for her very kind, respectful and gentle care of my old Smokes. The rock Dr. Lisa gave me after Smokey passed was such a special gift to begin with, but then to find out Susan had picked the rock, and Dr. Lisa had painted it herself really warmed my heart (and definitely made me cry).  Thank you Susan for the follow up phone call the day after.  That really cemented what a great experience it was in the worst of times. What an absolutely invaluable service your team provides.  I am so grateful. – Kelly Stenson


I want to thank Dr. Claudia for being so incredibly passionate and comfort when she came to bring our Dizzy to his next life. I couldn't have asked for a better person to be here with us as we said good bye to our fur baby.  THANK YOU!! – Wendy Joseph


Thank you so much for the services provided this weekend for sending Chloe off to Never Never Land. Even though the circumstances were very sad, the doctor was kind, warm, patient and efficient. The stone with Chloe's name on it was a really nice touch, and the phone call the following day was thoughtful and appreciated. I have no regrets for how we had to say goodbye and will share you with others who need to make the difficult decision for their own pets. Thank you. – Joanna Jensen


We want to say Thank you to Dr. David who helped our beloved German Shepard cross over to the rainbow bridge. His compassion for Poe and us was incredible. Dr. David definitely made the process a little easier. We were extremely touched by the rock he brought with him with Poe's name on it. We will highly recommend The Good Life to our family and friends. Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts. – The Stouts


Message: Just a note of thanks for helping us handle a difficult time and making the hard decision better for our special boy Nigel.  Dr. Lisa was compassionate and made the experience so much better for all of us. The attention to details, including the commemorative rock, are much appreciated. You all must feel great about helping families the way you do. – David and Anne Grenier

Our Beloved Penny

Thank you Dr. Lisa for your most kind, caring and compassionate heart as we said our Farewell to our beloved Penny of 14 years.  Penny had a sudden turn for the worse, and you were fortunately available to help us say our goodbyes . . . From the moment you entered our home, you provided a thoughtful and caring explanation of what to expect, and to make her transition to the Rainbow Bridge as comfortable and peaceful as possible.  We also thank you for the resources to help us grieve our loss. Although no longer with us, forever in our hearts!  Until we meet her again on the Rainbow bridge! – Mark, Susan, Max and Lauren


I wanted to send my sincerest thank you to Dr. Goetz, he was absolutely amazing. This was such a hard decision for us, we even cancelled our first appointment and rescheduled 2 weeks later. He was kind, caring and compassionate at such a difficult time for us.  My dogs immediately warmed up to him and he made them feel comfortable right away. He talked with us and explained everything he was going to do and stepped out for a bit to allow us some time with our girl before we let our baby go. He petted her, talked to her during and after and it made us feel much better about our decision.  It was important to us that Roxie didn't go to a vet where she would be scared and uncomfortable in a cold place.  This exceeded every expectation. He allowed our other two dogs to say goodbye before placing her in a basket with a blanket. We were left with the vision she was peacefully sleeping in a bed dreaming of running in a meadow.  It was so comforting feeling someone cared about our dog like we did. We are forever grateful for her last hours and how she passed. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. – Tammy Hemmie

Finn McKuhl

Folks at The Good Life, We are still adjusting to the loss of our beloved Finn.  He has left a large void in our lives indeed! But I am writing to tell you how pleased we are with the care, understanding and sympathy provided by Dr. David.  It's hard to imagine that anyone could have been more empathetic with how we felt.  At times he seemed just as emotional about Finn's demise as we were!
Thank you Dr. David Goetz for all that you did that day! – Jim & Teri Kuhlman


I would like to personally thank Dr David, for his compassion and kind words to help us through the passing of our precious girl Aero. He knew how much our girl meant to us and how hard it was to let her go. I highly recommend the Good life. Thank you again! – Jenni

My Sweet Callie

Dr. Lisa came two weeks ago to help me say goodbye to my sweet girl. This is the hardest thing to do for pet owners but Dr. Lisa made it easier than going to my vet's office and having Callie in a cold and sterile environment.  Callie was in her own familiar surroundings and I am grateful for that. Dr. Lisa took the time to explain how the procedure would work.  I held Callie partially in my lap as she went to sleep.  Dr. Lisa brought a rock with Callie's name written on it.  She also cut a little of Callie's fur and I so happy to have that.  It is just a little part of Callie but I treasure that.  I will probably be crying for the loss of my little friend for years to come, but I know it was the best thing for Callie.  Thank you, Dr. Lisa, for your compassion. – Jane Pennington


Just want to say thank you to Dr. Lisa and the staff for providing the services that you do. Dr. Lisa was very kind and gentle. The homemade keepsake she made for me was truly a beautiful gesture.  I had Buttercup for 16 years and being able to have her cross the rainbow  bridge at home made the passing a little easier. This is a beautiful service that you provide. Thank you again Dr. Lisa. – Tanya Lane 


I'm so thankful that we found you Casey and Dr. David and we were able to go this route. You made Lucy's passing as peaceful as possible. You were kind and thoughtful and caring from the beginning. Dr. David new just what to say and when to say it. Dr. David, I still read the card you sent me every day. I miss Lucy so much but you have made the grieving process not painless, of course, but as bearable as possible. I would not do this any other way or with any other company. If I had to do this again, and I won't because my heart could not take this pounding another time, but I would call on the Good Life and Dr. David! Thank you so much!!! – Brian L. Cook

Our Boone

Message: Thank you, Dr. Lisa and staff, for all of your kind attention.  We miss our boy so much, but we know it was time for him to leave us.  We think he knew, too.  We couldn't have asked for a more peaceful passing.  We are healing, and grateful to you. – Robin Slivka


Dr. Lisa came to our house yesterday to help our boy go to heaven.  She was compassionate & caring. It was really hard to let him go but we did the right thing for him.  We have other pets and they were present.  A couple of the pets had such a strong bond I wanted them to know where he went.  Would definitely recommend The Good Life.  Thank you again. – Barbara and Greg Green


Dr. Lisa was so compassionate and respectful during this difficult time. She made the difficulty of the day a little easier. She was very gentle with our dog Rambo, and with us. Dr Lisa was very thoughtful throughout the process, explaining every step and waiting for us to be ready. Having her with us during the final moments of Rambo's life really helped put us at ease. Thank you Dr Lisa. – Jason

Siblings Chuck and Abby

Dr. Lisa was so kind and compassionate when we were in the difficult position of letting our fur-babies go.  As brother and sister from the same litter, our Yellow Labs were inseparable and one would incomplete without the other.  Dr. Lisa helped us make the heartbreaking but best decision for both and we have nothing but praise for her empathy and gentle manner. – The Wiltse's


Dr. Claudia is absolutely fantastic.  She mad the whole process of euthanizing my Kryll a calm and caring episode.  I wasn't prepared for the process to be so peaceful and undramatic.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart and I will certainly recommend you to all I know. – Loretta Baker


I just had to make the painful decision to let my Ozzie go. I contacted The Good Life and Dr. Lisa came. From the moment she walked in the door her kindness and empathy showed through. She saw the love Ozzie and I shared and the pain that is still unbearable. To anyone that will face this inevitable decision, please go to The Good Life. I am so happy I did and Ozzie went on in the most beautiful, loving and dignified way possible. – Kelly Thetis

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